Managed Forex Accounts

A Managed Forex Account offers you the investor, an opportunity to participate in the largest financial market, trading 3.200 billion dollars and other foreign currencies daily. Managed Forex Accounts are appropriate for investors who want their share of the markets, have no trading experience and who prefer to have their capital managed by an experienced fund manager in the foreign exchange market. We have very attractive plans with minimum investments and maximum results.

You can open live mini or standard accounts with one of our brokers and SAKOFX  will manage it professionally with our Sure Fire Hedge Strategy and software. We charge only 30% commission of the gross monthly earnings. We can also upgrade your trade size at growth of your account balance.

The cost of  registration is a one-time fee of only $/€ 135.– and billed at the beginning of the Service. Our Services are available for private persons and institutions alike.

For a one-time fee of $/€ 35.- we will trade and manage a Live Demo Account for one month ,so you can calculate your profits for this time period.

What are the Benefits of a Managed Forex Account for you?

  • You can start HERE and NOW. No advisor or false promisses.
  • We have a proprietary formula and a unique way of trading the foreign currency markets.
  • No knowledge of trading. We build your account while you relax and make a nice income every month.
  • Low investment with the goal of high profitability.
  • SAKOFX  operates as an intermediate broker, with it’s own proprietary formula, strategy and a unique way of trading the markets.  Our Account Managers will professionally manage your Forex Account.
  • When trading we use traditional methods, combined  with advanced technology.  We have developed software that seeks to trade the Forex markets to it’s optimum.
  • We can choose between several currency pairs, which means there is likely to be many opportunities every day to find trading opportunities.
  • Your Forex Portfolio is Recession Proof.
  • The trading results of Sure Fire Hedge Robot are very accurate.
  • SAKOFX  guarantee transparency.  Our goal is to generate the best profit possible with low risk and great satisfaction.  Investors will have access to all trading results from day to day.

  • We look for trading opportunities in both rising and falling markets.
  • SAKOFX  is both Introducing Broker and Money Manager with our Busines Partners and therefore your account will be managed by Savy Forex Professionals.
  • SAKOFX, an innovative company that utilizes the 5 pillars of trading namely currency market, brokerage, fund management, robot and live trading into a success formula.

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