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According to the prevailing views of market analysts, the stock and currency markets are in a random motion or random walk. For this reason price movements would be unpredictable and comparable to the tossing of a coin. These magicians still persist that their investigations have shown that their findings are absolutely correct.

As a result of the natural law of action and reaction, markets don't move at Random, but in major and minor time cycles. We simply follow markets and trade these cycles with high accuracy. The most profits are made when these moves are consistent and at high frequency times, especially for the greater cycles.

Our Forex Strategy and Methodology is the result of long and painstaking study, observing these universal cycles, their behaviour on humanity and learning what does and does not work in Forex markets.


Price would depend on time, but time does not exist and is merely a result of the objective consciousness that attaches to the time period. Thus, one hour is nothing more or nothing less than providing a numerical value from one moment to another. The trader should be aware of the length of (time) duration, the high and low sine waves and take action accordingly.


Trading is the Art of capturing the low and high frequency cycles when they rise and fall, and molding them together in a working system.


Our "working system" came to existant after we created a Sure Fire Hedge Methodology, practiced it for many years, build an automated system and moved to a higher level.


While it had to creep before it could walk, Sure Fire Hedge Robot became mature as time went by and world economy became sluggish.  It went from crisis to crisis and each crisis came with many difficulties, challenges and opportunities.


We struggled with these difficulties, accepted all challenges and can say:


"No matter where you are in the world, if you are a serious investor looking for opportunities to diversify your investments or if you plan to become one, then you can actually have SAKOFX take care of your investment needs, with our revolutionary Automated Forex Trading and Investments!"


Many on the path of Forex Trading and Investment know that automated trading has many advantages in a highly volatile market like Forex, but no Robot can touch the summum of trading without human understanding, skills and support. Our automated system is no exception to this rule.


There are those who make things happen, there are those who watch things happen, and there are those who don’t know what’s happening. If you are the first type, then start planning your future and make it happen for you, with a Forex Managed Account from SAKOFX.


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